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Basic Information on the Creator of Projekt Cars

First and Last name:Carlos Molina Hometown:El Paso, Texas


Job title:Business Development


Name of business:Projekt Cars


As early as pre-school I exhibited an affinity for automobiles and automotive design. It was then that I explained to my parents my desire to become a scientist so I could “make new cars”. This childhood innocence and imagination ignited my future passion for the automotive industry. This affinity carried over into high school, and was the catalyst for the changes I made to my first car, a 1966 Mustang. Initially, my car did not have any paint, and was a straight-six model with the basic interior. In a few months I had installed a 289 cubic inch V8, converted the interior to a “Deluxe edition” trim level, and had painted it Ford Blue.

After graduating college I received my Officer’s Commission in the US Army in Military Intelligence. My first duty station was in Panama City, Panama. Several crushing disappointments at the Post Exchange (PX) in receiving incorrect automotive parts led me to search for a means of obtaining aftermarket parts through an intranet. I dubbed the online program Projekt Cars. This virtual storefront alleviated the hassle of ordering through the PX and provided an avenue for modifying vehicles to overseas soldiers. Years later, I would use the name to acquire sponsorship parts for SEMA builds. When I returned from another overseas assignment in Italy during 2000, I anxiously awaited my new BMW to compete in the Hot Import Nights shows I kept seeing on the “Internet“. After a $4000 investment in an upgraded Audio/Video system, body kit, and 19-inch two-piece wheels, I drove eight hundred miles to Del Mar, California. Even with my changes, which I felt complimented lines of my BMW 323i, it did not stand a chance against the wild vehicles at the show. I quickly learned about vehicle sponsorship programs and began developing my first string of proposals.

These proposals helped me acquire an extensive list of modifications and opened the doors to SEMA representation. The BMW e46 was first introduced to a SEMA booth in 2001 and was welcomed back four subsequent years. Since then, I have managed over 130 different SEMA platforms, now under Rollin’Art. At one time, while employed as a Production Manager for DaimlerChrysler , I managed thirteen builds for the company. All on my own budget, and with two of the vehicles belonging to me.

Modifying vehicles has been a part of my life since the first episodes of Happy Days that I watched as a toddler. Although my past career in the military and my current career in engineering did not cross paths with the automotive industry, I have made every effort to be involved with the aftermarket scene. The cars I have completed were on my dime, marketed on my own time, and ensured an impressive return on investment to my sponsors. I exhibit a relentless passion for my builds on a daily basis and strive to always present the best possible final product. I am confident in my ability to provide positive attention to any brand, and will go beyond expectations in capitalizing on future opportunities.

  • Built over 130 cars for SEMA, prior to 2014
  • Built & Placed over 20 vehicles at SEMA 2013
  • Launched Marketing initiative for PAS magazine in the US
  • Built vehicles which have appeared in numerous publications worldwide
  • Spokesperson for several aftermarket companies for last 10 years
  • 14 year military veteran recipient of the Soldier’s Medal
  • OEM experience as Production Manager & Warehouse Manager; DCX, Expert in lean manufacturing
  • Led (Kaizen) continuous improvement workshops in manufacturing and logistics
  • Holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Project Management
  • Project Management experience in projects ranging from 25K to 5.5M
  • Market, Develop, Organize the Battle Tunerz Show Series

Describe what you do:

We are a marketing company (established in 1994) which helps other companies provide exposure for their products. Our diversity in project vehicles range from BMWs to Jeeps to Tundras, and we promote them throughout the Southwest (from California to Georgia, up to Colorado). We have built over 130 vehicles for SEMA booths, and will like to work with you in the future. We also conduct booth activations for several clients.

How long:

Selling products since 1994, Marketing for SEMA clients since 2000

What got you into cars :

My imagination

Do you have any memorable stories growing up with cars:

My family was involved with building Chevelle’s and ’57 Chevy’s ever since I could remember. I have a memory of driving with my folks at the age of 5, and I told my parents I wanted to be a scientist so I could build cars

What’s your favorite car:

What cars do you own now:

BMW e46 widebody, Mustang Saleen, and the BMW e92 widebody

What’s your daily driver:


What’s your favorite out of the cars you own:

The e46, I have changed it so many times, its over a decade old, and it is still winning shows

Have you customized any of the cars you own :


Describe one for us:

The e46’s widebody was a creation I developed on AutoCAD, I installed all engine mods, minus the cams, which were done at Racing Dynamics (part of the sponsorship), and responsible for the ideas on the myriad of audio installs it has had

You have a mod list for the car you described?

Yup, I will attach

What does your shop specialize in:

Automotive Marketing, but we do sometimes complete full build (the three Jeeps we built for SEMA 2013)

What is the typical vehicle that you see:

Nothing is typical

You spend a lot of time working on other people’s cars do you get a chance to work on your own:

Yes, but it’s always last…..case in point, last year’s SEMA, started work on the e92 three weeks before SEMA

How does it make you feel to work on your car :

A sense of accomplishment

When you are on the open road and you’re driving how does that make you feel:


If you weren’t working on cars what would you be doing (leisure and job-wise):

Running, preparing proposals, doing initial renderings, traveling to one of 40 shows we do a year, conducting booth activations….

Where do you get your inspiration from:

My Engineering office is surrounded by plaques of my past articles, a massive collection of 1:18 Auto Art and Jada Cars….so I am constantly surrounded by automotive inspiration

Who motivates you the most to keep doing what you’re doing:

It’s in my innate nature, but I get a pleasure of helping people transform their vehicles into their Dream Machines

Do you ever get those times where you feel like you won’t succeed:


How do or did you overcome that:

I am self-motivated, and I know no one else has the stamina to do what I do, or will be able to push me more than I do myself

What’s the hardest part of a build for you:

Taking it to a major Show, like SEMA, and hoping nothing happens while the vehicle is transported

What motivates you when you’re modifying your cars:

Myself, and the hopes people will remember my builds

How do you come up with your ideas:

Through constant automotive stimulation

Do you have any award winning cars:

Yes, both the e46 and the e92 have won awards throughout the country, been at SEMA (in booths more than 4 times) ,and have appeared in various magazines

You ever come across anyone trying to discourage you:

All the time, people who wish that they could do what I do, turn their energy in bad-talking my actions

How do you deal with that:

CNTL-ALT-DELETE them from my social network

What do you have to say for anyone trying to get into modifying cars:

Do your research, and ensure your Goals are worth obtaining