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Last year, Alma Molina was elated to finally get her dream vehicle, a new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.  She worked diligently saving all year working as a nurse, for the purchase.  As soon as she signed the papers, the race was on to complete it for SEMA 2015.  In less than two months, the truck resembled the rendering we provided to RevTek, and would then be displayed at their booth during the SEMA 2014 Expo.


Unfortunately, the truck was plague with automotive deficiencies, from the first week of ownership.  It made 12 trips to the local dealership for “Check Engine” problems, until one weekend, it left Alma stranded on 1-10, over three hundred miles from home. Convinced nothing could be done for the “almost” new truck, it was traded in for a small compact vehicle.

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The ownership of the small compact didn’t take long, and Alma found herself liking the new aluminum body F-150.  She opted for the ecoBoost, due to the potential of the turbo upgrades it would soon have installed.  A detailed rendering was sent to Konig wheels on the conceptual depiction from Projekt Cars, and in May, we were given the green light.

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To match the aggressive body styling of the rendering, Fiberwerx stepped in and provided the new truck with the first ever baja-style kit for the build.  The package consisted of full fron fender replacements, and bed extensions.  Caliber Collision, of El Paso, took care of the body work and paint.  The F-150 was lifted 7.5 inches with the new MaxTrac suspension, using only the spindles.  Massive 37″ tires from Tr-Ace were wrapped around the new 20″ Mamba Wheels.  The exterior look was completed with Torch Series grill from TRex Grilles, and a baja-style set of bumpers from SVT Raptors.  SVT Raptors also welded a custom bed organizer for Alma to secure two extra 37″ tires/wheels in the truck’s bed.

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A fully customized SEMA truck would not be complete, without modifying the cabin.  Alma selected to go with Roadwire Interiors for her new black leather, with red accent seats.  Brad Fair of Powerbass supplied the F-150 with enough gear to entertain a block party; 4 10″ subs, three sets of components, 4 amps and two amplifier wiring kits. Clarion then supplied a touch screen head unit, with DVD integration and back-up camera.  Everything was perfect for her long trips to the Mineral Spas, or her daily commute as a nurse.

SEMA 2015 was just the beginning for Projekt Nurse, and we will soon seen more upgrades as the industry begins to provide more products for the new F-150 Platform.  Until then, follow the build on the link below



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