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According to the usual cliché, the typical women’s car – at least in this country – is usually a functional and rather inconspicuous small or compact car. With regard to the house of Molina, however, this assumption proves to be a fallacy. But actually one almost expects that of the ladies of the familyl; with a More conspicuous route, it would be downright disappointing, but that here is not the case.  Finally, Carlos Molina and the team under the label “Project Cars” who regularly build spectacular showcars, frequently find their way to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.In fact, his wife who is undoubtedly biased, developed a different family carriage, a fully modified pick-up Truck.

He met this desire before about two years in the form of a new Ford F-150. This in turn did not remain in the OEM state very long. What started with a K & N air filter install one the night, led to the takeover his Way under the hood found. They transformed the vehicle quickly into the eye-catching monster which not only graces these Pages, but can be seen and of course as well was already admired on the SEMA showroom floor.



Main reasons that the F-150 again unlike stout and scary occurs as already in production, the widebody Kit and the extremely generously dimensioned wheel / tireCombination in combination with a Considerable Raise the body by a total of eleven inches, just under 28 inches. Eight inches of this gain are built on that Maxtrac suspension traced while a Body lift kit responsible for the remaining lift. The broadening of the front and rear fenders and side skirts come from the portfolio of FiberwerX. Combined with the body enhancements are the front and the rear white powder-coated bumpers by Road Armor. Below the Highlights are two big, red AMI “Demon Hooks”; in the front are also a three inch wide LED strip and more Integrated luminaires. LED light is on almost everywhere ….Keyword: Almost the entire lighting Ford’s was based on modern diode technology converted. So the F-150 recieved completely new headlights and taillights from the house of Spec-D.

The matt black LEX off-road roll bar has two large LED strips – one forward and one backward – each with a width of 40 inches. A partial only clear lacquered and with an air intake Carbon bonnet from Extreme Dimensions and a black tailgate panel complete theBody modifications in optical Respects. Finally, the body recieved a design livery in royal blue and white in the Styles of the 82nd US Airborne Division. This is a Pay homage to the US military past of Carlos Molina.


22-RIMS WITH OFFROAD TIRES True, in and under the wheel arches through the already mentioned conversion measures truly a wealth of space was created; the already addressed wheel / tire combination However, it is so large that it nonetheless protrude over the body. It are RBP 69R SWAT rims the 14×22 inches, with off-road tires in 37×13.50 R22. In the mishap of a unforeseeable tire puncture, the bed of the truck houses two full spare tires/wheels.


Meanwhile, hiding behind the rims a revised brake system with performance Slices and covers from R1 Concept and caliper covers upgraded by MGP is. Likewise revised, this presents itself Engine under the big hood: Here works not, as you might expect, a great one V8, but one of the meanwhile also in the big US pick-up arrived EcoBoost Engines, in this case with six in V position arranged cylinders, 3.5 liters displacement andTurbocharging. While the engine already produces around 370 hp in its standard condition, its power should have been further boosted by the installation of a new intercooler, a Roush intake system and a new downpipe. The latter is also followed by a Roush exhaust system with RPG tailpipes. Finally, SCT Performance optimized the software on the engine control unit. While being transferred to the wheels, the performance is still using a 6-speed automatic transmission.


PRECIOUS MULTIMEDIA REMOVALAfter all, the American tuning specialists did not disregard the interior: the seats were fitted with a custom black and blue leather lining, while the new floor mats were designed by Air Design. The absolute highlight of the interior but can be found in the rear in the middle of the back seat: a huge, also with black leather and red Alcantara-related box in which three large 12-inch subwoofer are built. For the controlFinally, the American and the rest of the audio system, completely redesigned with PowerBass components, have two 1000-watt amplifiers and a 5-channel amplifier in addition. So Carlos’ wife can be sure that she can cause excitement not only by the extroverted optics, but also with a really loud sound.



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