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Before I go into discussing our first time experience in featuring our vehicles inside of a Comic Con, I wanted to thank everyone who attended Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con for the warm reception of our vehicles. Since Day 1, the Cosplay Community has given nothing but Love and Support to our crazy #VehicleCosplay idea, and we are Extremely Grateful. I hope we can build more themed vehicles in the future.


For over a year, we (together with Garage FX) had planned and hoped to receive full approval from the Todd McFarlane Group to allow us to use the brand/images on some exceptional builds.  All the coordination, mind you, was handled by Guy Caldwell and his team at Garage FX.  The Projekt Cars team just awaited for the “GO!” to start on the builds.  Once the email was received, we requested the support of our sponsors, built the vehicles, and had them transported to Las Vegas in time for the Comic Con.


My first Comic Con was in 1994, Phoenix Comic Con #1, and this past weekend was my first Comic Con as a “vendor”. We, Projekt Cars, were a part of the garage FX Booth at Amazing LC CC.  From a booth point of view, the CC was run a lot smoother than a majority of Car Shows we have attended.  The staff was exceptionally helpful, polite, and interested in our vehicles.  The crowd attendance was unbelievable!  We gave out over 1500 Advanti Racing USA bags the first day, and captured hundreds of emails.  There were no security issues, and we were able to leave and enter the convention without any issues.  The roll-out was orchestrated very well, even with the Union. If there were any issues/problems at the Amazing Comic Con, we were not aware.  The Amazing CC Staff made everything transparent.  It was a Great Experience.


As far as a vendor, I would definitely attend any convention headed by Jimmy and his staff, and look forward to our next opportunity to showcase the Todd McFarlane Spawn vehicles built by Projekt Cars


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