Battle Tunerz 2015 | Southwest University

This is the 11th Year we will be organizing the Battle Tunerz Show, to be held at Southwest University.  Besides being one of the largest shows in the area, the one aspect that draws more spectators than any other event, is that it is FREE to the Public!
Please review the Press Release and let us know if you would like to participate as a Vendor or Sponsor

The event is FREE to the public, and we expect over 5K show attendees, over our 4K in 2014.

This year, two dates: 30th May, and 25th July

Email Blast: 5K

Flyers: 10K/ month, 5K/ week, two weeks before event

Fan Page:

Below are links to pics from past Battle Tunerz
Battle Tunerz 2014 | On The Strip
Battle Tunerz 2013
Battle Tunerz 2012


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