Brasil Auto Show


Following SEMA, Projekt Cars executed a FREE Car Show at Brasil Auto, located in El Paso, Texas.  And, we say Free, we mean FREE for spectators and competitors alike.  Various car clubs from El Paso, Las Cruces, Fort Bliss, and even Juarez rolled-in to compete for the trophies and awards.


At first, when we were setting up the registration, Verde Wheels, K&N, and R1 Concepts tents, prior to the first cars showing up, the parking lot looked immense.  There was little doubt competitors would show up, we just didn’t know to what extent.  Especially since this was the first year Brasil Auto Center allowed an event in their parking lot.


All worries were gone, as soon as a huge line of customized vehicles developed on the East-Bound Montana embankment running towards the Brasil Auto Center entrance.  Soon after, the parking lot was full of competitors, ranging from lifted trucks, supercharged muscle vehicles, to even traditional classics.


The staff at Brasil Auto Center were gracious hosts, and provided those in attendance a great show, but also a variety of give-a-ways.  It was a nice refresher after SEMA for Projekt Cars, and a pleasant surprise to see new vehicles competing at the event.


This was an initial test for Brasil Auto Center, and they promise some surprises for next year’s event.

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