Closing thoughts on Soldiercon 3


The truck is unpacked, we are getting a lot of tags on social media, and I am happy to close this edition of Soldiercon with a few words on the event.

52633883_10205398954328664_1280703821114245120_nAs far as outcomes from all the work, planning, and effort which went into organizing the event in a constrained amount of time, we exceeded my expectations. The parking lot was full of vehicles, there was constant new traffic inside the CC area, and all vendors were happy. This is what happens when the goal of an event is to create fun, inspire enthusiasts, and help a community grow, instead of trying to make a buck.

I believe we succeeded, and it was completed with the help of many people who contributed their time, connections, and even elbow grease. By the way, thanks to the cosplayers who stayed after to help break down tables and move chairs. That was very cool of you.

52602259_10205398954688673_7479298384747036672_nI would have normally wanted a full year to plan another Soldiercon, but decided to have one in February, so that the positive momentum from June and August didn’t slow down. We could have made it a two-day event, but I wanted to save that for a bigger venue. Soldiercon brand is not just going to be local. We plan on visiting several installations in the southwest. Our next two will be Phoenix, Arizona and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I hope all who are reading this understand that Soldiercon is an adventure in combining passions, comic, automotive, and cosplay. It is a venue to help bring the creative minds and talent of separate industries and showcase them to the area. It is also an opportunity to see worlds mix, and produce some unique content, which hopefully generates more imagination for future venues.

52144356_3113549235337927_3704175238557204480_nWith all the positive vibe, and humbling comments I have seen, heard, and read in the last 24 hours, I also know that there were aspects of the event which need improvement. Several of us who planned the event have already started to construct our notes for the After Action Review (AAR), to ensure a better future event. Hopefully, many of the items that have you, and us, concerned have already been noted. If you have a detailed idea for something you believe could have gone better, I hope you will join us in the planning stages for our next event. Remember, to be mindful and constructive with your criticism as we continue to grow.

In closing, THANK YOU all who came out to support the third iteration of Soldiercon. We’d love to hear what you favorite three things were about the event!”

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