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Many attribute the origination of the Lowrider to the zoot-suit fashion that bloomed heavily through Los Angeles during the 1930’s along Whittier Blvd. The truth lies further south and east of the sunshine state. Sources indicate strongly that the pachuco (a style originated from the actor Tin-Tin) originated in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. This pachuco also introduced the world to the LowRider. The term Lowrider was coined when these youth “rebels” began “bagging” their vehicles by stuffing sand bags in the trunks of their cars. This trend emerged as soldiers returning from the World War used the knowledge they received in hydraulics by introducing the components into vehicles. This was the start of the Lowrider movement, of combining passion and art into the largest piece of machinery most will ever own. This movement has then spawned other modification numerous to vehicles (suicide doors/ engine swaps/ pinstriping/ suede interiors/ full audio/ video systems/ cambered suspension), all of which have allowed the owner to pour his essence into his mode of transportation.

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Due to it’s deep roots in vehicle modifications, the El Paso community has always sought a location to meet and enjoy the current vehicle trends. In the 1980’s it was centered around the Toy-R-Us parking lot and Escarate Park, east side of El Paso. In early 2000, the enthusiast used Lee Trevino as a “cruising” street, and would meet in the large parking areas along the road. What is unfortunate is that these venues have been seen as a nuisance for some, and in many occasions, the local authorities are called to separate the meets. Granted, there are always a few bad apples in a bunch who may decide to allow their testosterone to get the best of them and want to race, but for the most part, 95% of the “cruisers” just request and area to meet and socialize with fellow enthusiasts.

I truly look forward to the days when enthusiasts can meet, without being hassled by police, or charged to park in large area lots.  The movement started in the 30’s to demonstrate the individuality of an enthusiast with their car, and shouldn’t be a means to line the pockets of those who have never event tried to modify a vehicle.  Really wish more would cater to our type of expression, without pay.

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