David Penwarden’s “Gorilla” build


HUGE Shout Out to David Penwarden

prior Military himself… “Retired” under Military disability in 2009, but I left the service in 91

He owns a 2007 H3, gutting the 5 cylinder to be replaced by a “emissions passing” AMC 360 V8, (AMC was AM General during the inception of the original “HUMVEE”). Dana 44 axles, Dana 20 transfer case (because it’s gear driven, not chain) switching to a manual transmission, no more automatic. Gutting both the ECM and BCM, switching to stand alone systems WITHOUT GM pass lock, and NO LIFT, FYI, he is not a farmer or construction worker…12919686_1768557870032764_5175473683470438109_n 12718107_1768557990032752_1303191060264299444_n 12923344_1768558006699417_7731730426767462334_n 12957699_1768558246699393_8311130465871502676_o

“I just want to go wherever, in whatever weather I have to deal with. I may even lower it a little bit, think “Urban Gorilla”.. LOL, He’ll be chopping the roof up this summer, but not like the other Jeeps you see, more like the H2… He is a Heavy Metal fan, so instead of sponsors part stickers, it’s getting Metal Band name’s on it instead… It’s going through a “Murder” phase until the body is finished, then I’ll be doing a lot of air brushing in August after the body is finished, the grille, sides, and bumpers will be bed lined over at Linex, but I did the fenders myself and it’s still looking good. I finally found a wheel and tire size I like on it, they’re 325/60/18s I really dig the profile (not 80’s monster truck) but he wants to still HOON the curbs and parking blocks without damage when I get to nut balling around in the snow. I’ve tinted the sides of the taillights

Because, well, red looked dumb as hell on the side of the all black “Gorilla” Here’s a picture of the day I brought it home. David built a couple of bikes last year too, but can’t ride, he sold his VTR 1000, and is going to be using the frame and fuel cap from my GSXR 1100 in the “Gorilla” build…

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