Giovanna Wheels and Projekt Cars for SEMA 2015


If you have ever walked through the wheel hall at SEMA, the booth displayed by Giovanna Wheels will have definitely left an impression in your mind.  WTW founder and owner Diko Sulahian has “Wowed” attendees at the annual SEMA Show for over two decades with his multi-million dollar car line up. His wheel brands Giovanna, Gianelle, and GFG are impeccably displayed in this massive array of super cars, which are slightly enhanced by the aesthetically stunning troop of models in the booth.

This year, Diko Sulahian has allowed Projekt Cars conduct the project management and build of the vehicles to be displayed at SEMA 2015.  Projekt Cars has been building SEMA vehicles since 2000, but will have their hands full doing their best to match the show presence displayed by WTW in the last two decades.

The platforms selected will again leave a positive impression to those who attend SEMA, and will be the talk of social media for months after.2012-SEMA-Giovanna-Lamborghini-AVentador-Girl-Babe-Model-2 2012-SEMA-Model-Babe-Giovanna-Bentley 141215_High-End_Alloy_Wheels_in_Abundance_at_SEMA Giovanna-Wheels-2 LuxuryAutoDirect-SEMA-Show-2010-075 Untitled-1 wallpaper-giovanna-wheels-1600x900

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