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A few summers ago, we came across a very unique themed on a Scion xB as we were taking set-up shots for the San Antonio Cup Cake Meet. The owner was a very cheerful individual by the name of Kalani Young. We later learned that his full name is Kalani Kealoha Makana Okea Kua Young which means, “from the heavens, our love, and gift from god”, Young, is his adopted last name. Yes, Kalani is Hawaiian, born in Honolulu, and as cheerful and outgoing as we have come to expect from people from the Islands.


Because of his positive nature, we asked if he could park his vehicle next to the PASMAG booth, he gleefully accepted, and we began to learn more about the “Hawaiian Express” Scion and Mr. Young.  Kalani has loved cars for a majority of his life, but only began serious work on them twenty years ago.  His dad taught him at around 11years old on basic principles of car maintenance and  began tinkering basic modifications when he was in high school. He later taught myself on how to build engines, then stereos and electronics. His very first car he owned was a 1972 AMC hornet his dad surprised him with when he was a high school senior.


Kalani  began with his first full engine rebuild on a 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix he picked up in a junk yard along with a 400 Chevy small block for only $350.00, for both car and engine!….. That will probably get you some decent headers now-a-days.  Kalani successfully rebuilt the engine, put in a mild cam, added some other performance modifications, and began his journey into modifying vehicles. His current project, dubbed “Hawaiian Kine” is a SCION xB.  He started from the exterior with the Postal “Hawaiian Express” theme which blends to his charismatic nature. The xB is lowered with some once chrome wheels he powder coated white. He painted the window visors white to give the “chop top” appearance and added a rear spoiler. A complete chop-top will probably round Kalani about $5K, but he first plans on other upgrades.


Back then, he would like to switch to air suspension, replace the interior with two tone tan leather with wood grain pieces, install lambo-doors, add some monitors, shave the door handles, add aftermarket lights, headers, exhaust, make the vehicle a wide body with some upgraded three-piece rims with word “Hawaiian Kine” engraved into the wheels spokes.  Kalani has put a lot of thought into his future interior, and would like it “classy looking” giving the feeling of entering a living room when you go inside the xB. First, he wants to have the islands of Hawaii stitched ceiling, lei flowers embroidered on the two front seats going down one side, incorporate the impression of the Hawaiian island chain on the back floor part of the rear floor pan, include Hawaiian tribal design to the outside “Postal” striping, insert the Ikaika Helmet image on dash board, in front of passenger (with the word “Ikaika”; which is also his grandson’s name), add Hawaiian fish hooks on each sides of the flip out monitors and create a Waterfall between the rear 2 humps behind the back seats. Yes, a working waterfall.


If you are like us at Projekt Cars, you will want to see the progression of work from start to grave. You can view the installs at the album Projekt Hawaiian Kine:




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Information on Projekt Cars: Projekt Cars started in the early 90’s as a means to acquire aftermarket parts for soldiers stationed overseas. Always evolving, Projekt Cars now devotes its attention to modifying vehicles and promoting sponsored brands with SEMA platforms through the Projekt Cars Tour.

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