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1 s550We are a marketing company (established in 1994) which helps other companies provide exposure for their products. Our diversity in project vehicles range from Offroad to Exotic to Muscle platforms, and we promote them throughout the Southwest (from California to Georgia, up to Colorado). Our yearly show schedule compromises over 30 shows/ year, to include SEMA.  We have built over 200 booth vehicles for SEMA booths, and will like to work with you in the future

1 F150One thing we like to stress to potential sponsors is that the ROI our vehicle builds provide your company continues on after SEMA during our Projekt Cars tour (images included of our booth vehicles in full page ads).  SEMA for us, is the start of the show season, and our vehicles continue to be seen throughout the SouthWest, in booths that we activate, for a variety of companies.

1 s197SEMA, for Projekt Cars, is the beginning of the ROI process.  We not only ensure our vehicles are positioned in high traffic area at the venue, we provide additional ROI through our yearly tour, Magazine articles, Magazine advertisements, and now, videos.  One of the added benefits to building for companies like Advanti, is that the vehicles we place with their wheels receive a full page ad in various magazines, the following year.  Also,  we make every effort to ensure SEMA builds receive copious amounts of print.  Below are some examples of print received by one of our BMW builds (BMW Scene, Performance BMW, PASMAG, eS4, DUB, Texas Finest. AFX) The 335i debuted at SEMA in 2008, and additional appearances in SEMA (2011-2013).

1 m5Projekt Cars has conducted a tour of various events (HIN, IFO, DUB, MFest) throughout the southwest, and provided marketing benefit to several companies through booth activations and brand imaging.  The booth activation consists of transporting all needed aspects of a booth to the venue, setting up the booth, conducting booth activities (as requested by participating company), tearing down booth, and concluding with providing data to the participating company.  Booth activities may include product demonstrations, data acquisition, contest development, and providing promotional products to show attendees.  For the past 10 years, the tour encompasses major shows from Mobile, Alabama to San Diego, California, up to Denver, Colorado.  In the past, the “tour” did not have a name, and booth activations were organized on a “show by show” basis.  We now consolidate all efforts into one tour, and provide greater ROI by having set events, agreed Horsepower Tour, and an established footprint at various events.  Keep in mind, we will be branching out to non-automotive events as well, such as State Fairs, BassMasters Tours, and Wine Tasting to reach a different demographic.

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