High Energy at the NRG Booth during SEMA 2019

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In the twenty years I have displayed at SEMA, I have never experienced such a positive welcoming vibe as I did when I visited with Rob Prior and Scott Hattox, at the NRG booth on Wednesday.   As I approached the booth, Tyler Kirkham had just completed two hours of signing, and Rob Prior was full into his painting. This painting was the last of 8 he completed while on the SEMA Floor.

Rob 3

Pic- Marsell Stark with Rob Prior

It was clearly felt by all who were near the booth, that a-once-and-a-lifetime Event was occurring at the NRG Booth.  Rob Prior was ferociously painting Venom, as the sounds of  Metallica played in the background.

Rob a

Pic- Rob Prior in the Zone

There was no lure with the “A typical” gorgeous model with Bikini poster, or an overly modified “me too car” (this year it was the Toyota Supra), but instead the booth Marketing Director agreed to a theme, we had approached him on earlier in the year.  A theme anyone could associate with, a comic-concept theme, with Mr Prior as the centerpiece.  It seemed as if everything flowed perfectly as Rob applied more brush strokes to the painting.  The Spider Buggy, Marsell Stark, the NRG Marvel uniforms, and Rob’s performance lured more people into the booth, than the Supras on display at the Toyota Booth (which was only a few feet away).  It was truly the place to be at SEMA 2019.

A huge Thank You to Steve Anderson, NRG Innovations Marketing Director, for allowing us to display the Spider Buggy in the booth, and to allow Rob Prior to create more masterpices.

nrg 2

Pic: Steve Anderson, NRG Marketing Director

More images of the NRG Booth at SEMA 2019:


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