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Dating back to 2000, Projekt Cars has had the privilege in working with one of the founding companies of the Tuner Movement, Konig Wheels. Since then, we have provided their SEMA booths with BMWs, Magnums, Jeeps, MBs, and just recently a F-150. If it isn’t for Privat, or Mamba Offroad, or Advanti, or Konig, the executive staff at Konig HQ has trusted Projekt Cars to build a specific vehicle for their SEMA booth, for over a decade. In addition, these vehicles are then used as the center piece for full page ads in National Magazines | EuroTuner, Recoil, European Car, Jeep Offroad, ….. Projekt Cars hopes to continue this relationship and continue building prominent SEMA vehicles for Konig Wheels for year to come.


The parent company of KÖNIG, Pan Mar Corporation was an established importer and exporter since 1935. In 1975 Pan Mar began its involvement with the import and export of automotive parts and accessories, including wheels, from their offices in the New York City area. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, most American consumers interested in aftermarket wheels only knew the names such as CRAGAR, CENTERLINE, WESTERN for Domestics and BBS, MOMO and MINILITE for Imports. During the early 1980’s, wheel manufacturers from Japan, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, and the U.S. began to recognize the potential for growth in the aftermarket wheel business and the explosion began. This was the same time, 1983 to be exact, that KÖNIG began its operations as a division of Pan Mar. Today there are hundreds of manufacturers and importers engaged in the wheel business and KÖNIG is considered one of the leaders and trendsetters.

eurotuner_1_31_2008_proof Konig_ADV_BIMMER_AD_6-3-14 Mamba Ad_F150 MAMBA_4WHLR_AD_1-28-14http://www.konigwheels.com/

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