Mid-May Sponsorships


It is Mid-May, and we (Projekt Cars) are receiving product from a variety of companies for our myriad of builds.  We are hoping to start receiving product for our SEMA builds, now that we have several Confirmation Letters.

N-Fab:  Both Jeremia Boris (Chevrolet Silverado) and Luis Lopez (Toyota Tundra) received product from the infamous offroad company.  Each receiving front and rear runner bumpers

VRock: Richard White picked up a nice set of VRock 20″ rims when we traveled to California for the Extreme Dimensions Open House for his Rubicon Jeep.

NS Wheels: Both Chris Brawley (Scion FR-S) and Todd Swinger (Hyundai Genesis) were surprised with a set of the new line of NS Wheels. Todd obtained the NS-10s, while Chris received the XXX

SEIBON Carbon:  Theo Jones has now completed his carbon fiber look to his BMW with the installation of a CSL trunk.  His e46 is also getting some interior upgrades, and we cannot wait for the new look.  Both Hector Luna and Tury Carlos’ Chargers received hoods from SEIBON.  Tury opting for the OEM-carbon fiber hood, while Hector chose a more aggressive vented design.

R1 Concepts: Our good friends at R1 were highly impressed with Hector’s Charger while it displayed at the Extreme Dimensions Open House, and sponsored the vehicle with performance rotors/ pads.

Nitto Tires: The Casa Nissan 370z received a fresh set of Nittos in the form of INVO 275/30/20, and 245/35/20 to be wrapped over the 20″ Bronze Verde Wheels Axis-99s

Spyder Auto: The ‘ole e46 received a new set of headlights and tail lights to go with its updated paint scheme and air bag system

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Information on Projekt Cars: Projekt Cars started in the early 90’s as a means to acquire aftermarket parts for soldiers stationed overseas. Always evolving, Projekt Cars now devotes its attention to modifying vehicles and promoting sponsored brands with SEMA platforms through their yearly tour across the Southwest.

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