Mr Professional, Honda Civic and Seibon Carbon


Owner: Juan Ortiz

Organization: Projekt Cars

Juan Ortiz is a very humble yet professional enthusiast from Puerto Rico. He serves proudly in the United States Army and has always loved cars his entire life. As far as he can remember, he followed his father’s footsteps in the involvement with cars. Gaining experience from modifying, installing and repairing everything electrical at home, he decided to educate himself by enrolling in two years of technical automotive college courses. By the age of 20, he became an automotive technical college Professor teaching Advance Electro Mechanics. During this time, he was a big fan of muscle cars and mini trucks, and his pride and joy was a modified 1991 Mazda B2200 mini pickup. It was a standard cab short bed with a modified 400 Chevy small block, 750 Holley Carburetor, MSD Ignition System, a Turbo 350 Transmission with shift kit, 9” Ford rear end, and many more mods. He was always involved and attending auto shows and race tracks winning trophies from Best Swaps, Mechanical Engineering, Acceleration Contest, Burnouts to competing in Street Bracket Racing / Time Trials.

He joined the military in 2003 and left the Puerto Rican Island. Ortiz was fast tracking in ranks obtaining rank/grade of E-6 in his first 4yrs of enlistment. This is where he began getting more into the import world. He started with a 1991 Honda Civic 3Dr EG Hatch. Shortly after the purchase, he started on the modifications; with an JDM H23A swap with internals, MSD Ignition System, LSD Transmission, and Hondata. At every duty station assigned, he would organize groups of people together and go to the nearest 1/4mi race track… with the purpose of taking them off of the dangerous street and illegal street racing.

Once stationed in El Paso, TX, Juan decided to get more involved with the import scene. This time, he stepped out of his comfort zone and decided to help begin and build an all Honda car club, “Team Limitless” Honda Crew, with a local humble guy from the area (Shawn)… with the same principle in doing something to keep car enthusiasts out of trouble and illegal racing. During that time is where he met me and became involved with the “Projekt Cars” family.

Working and training Soldiers on a daily basis has motivated Juan Ortiz to be a part of the community and help Soldiers show off their pride and joys while staying safe, legal and professional. In his past, Juan always wanted to be successful in modifying his car. He set an example, and opened doors and opportunities for others in getting sponsorship(s). It has always been a huge dream of his to be sponsored and be featured in major shows and media. The military experience, moving around and meeting awesome people has taught him not to give up. His main goal is to use the leadership skills acquired through the military to aid the local car scene community.

Sacrifices given during multiple deployment tours has made him stay true to his family and hobby/passion/love for cars. With all that passion is how “Team Limitless” has branched out to the East Coast where Juan is continuously creating amazing friendships and comrades with similar strong passion of for import/Honda tuners. He named the chapter “Team Limitless Southeastern Atlantic Chapter” in which in the first 2 weeks recruited 20 clean looking Hondas and has other members joining from Jacksonville, Florida. Always trying to grow, Juan has expanded the El Paso based organization and family, while striving quality people and rides.

Juan wishes togive thanks to the blessings, support and motivation of good friends and sponsors such as his wife, son and the rest of his family, Projekt Cars, JDM Sport, PASMAG, Competition Clutches, R1 Concepts Performance Brakes, SVS Performance of El Paso, Cruise the Grid and Team Limitless. Juan states that he will continue in spreading the word of the tuning community and representing all with pride, and professionalism.


AEM – Fuel Rail,
AEM – Ram Air Intake,
MSD Ignition- MSD 6A Box,
MSD ignition- Blaster 3 Coil,
MSD Ignition- Modified Distributor Cap,
MSD Ignition – 8.5mm Spark Cable,
Competition Clutch – Stage 4 Six puck Competition Clutch,
Lightweight Flywheel,
DC Sports – Ceramic Header,
Hasport – Engine Mounts,
LSD SH Transmission,
Magstar – 8.8mm Hi Performance spark wires,
Mugen – Oil fill cap,
Mugen – Radiator cap,
Password JDM – Radiator mount,
Password JDM – Tag relocator,
Skunk 2 – Pro Series Intake manifold,
Skunk 2 – Cams,
Skunk 2 – Adjustable Cam Gears,
Semi Wire tuck
Mugen – Tower Strut Brace,
Skunk 2 – Camber Arms,
Skunk 2 – Upper Control Arms,
Tokico – Shocks/CoiloversWHEELS:
Motegi – 17″ wheels,
Nitto Tires – NeoGen 45R Low pro

JDM Sport – C-Pillar Brace,
JDM Sport – EL White face Cluster Gauges,
Skunk 2 – Shift Knob,
Faze – 5″ Tach w/shift light,
Faze – A-Pillar Tripod w/ Gauges

Pioneer – CD/Pandora Head Unit,
Pioneer – Mids,
Pioneer – 12″ Sub,
Pioneer – 800W Mono Block Amp


Seibon – Carbon Fiber Hood,
Spoon – Carbon Fiber Duck Bill Wing,
Bennen – Front/rear Towhooks,
6,000K Dual Beam HID945247_343825822407046_1699804950_n 992815_162800167239497_1075907173_n 1070110_375878202535141_1021743242_n 10588600_10152649763197226_870866604_n 10711579_10152649763267226_1117982478_n 20131203_151000 20131203_151109 20131203_151257 20131203_153326

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