New VRock Wheels for Richard

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Richard White is one of the new members to Projekt Cars who has solidified his membership in Spades.  He is a very proud owner of a Jeep Rubicon that will be a booth vehicle for SCT Performance at SEMA 2015.  The Jeep has many modifications, to date, but we expect to see more prior to SEMA, like these great looking VRock Wheels 20″ VR9 Terrains.  Current sponsors include R1 Concepts, TRex, Atturo Tires, PowerBass, and VRock Offroad Wheels.

• Super chip programmer
• AEM Brute Force Air Intake
• aFe Power silver bullet throttle body spacer

• Olympic 4×4 Rear Smuggler winch bumper
• Rugged Ridge Modular XHD front Bumper
• Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure
• WARN 7” Wireless HID Driving Lamp kit
• Daystar hood latches
• Hi-Lift jack 48” (black)
• Poison Spider Hood louver
• Poison Spider Tramp Stamp
• Poison Spider Body Armor (steel)
• Poison Spider Rocker Knockers (steel)
• Rugged Ridge Tube Doors

• Rugged Ridge Handles
• Rugged Ridge Floor Mats
• Quadratec sliding arm rest
• Daystar upper dash panel

• Verde Wheels 20″ VR9 Terrains
• R1 slotted Rotters
• ProComp Stage 2, 4″ lift
• Wheel spacers (2″)
• Rugged Ridge R&P Set 4.56 Front D44
• Rugged Ridge R&P Set 4.56 Rear D44
• Rugged Ridge 4-Inch Lift Kit With Shocks
• Rugged Ridge Frame Brace Kit | Adjustable Track Bar
• Rugged Ridge Steering Component Skid Plates
• Rugged Ridge Evap Skid Plate ’12-’14
• Rugged Ridge HD Transfer Skid Plate
• Rugged Ridge Engine & Trans Skid Plate ’12-’14
• Rugged Ridge Muffler Skid Plate
• Rugged Ridge Lower Control Arm Skid Plate Kit (Front & Rear)
• Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Transfer Case Skid Plate
• Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty Differential Cover for Dana 30

DSCF6105 copy DSCF6138 copy DSCF6143 copy DSCF6159 copy DSCF6181 copy DSCF6184 copy DSCF6201 copy DSCF6205 copy DSCF6207 copy DSCF6216 copy

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