Projekt Cars Ford GT500 | SEMA 2013 | Seibon Carbon


Owner: Chad Stett

Organization: Projekt Cars

Projekt Cars has built vehicles for SEMA using SIEBON Carbon components since 2006, and in 2013 they were asked to provide a booth vehicle for the ever popular carbon fiber manufacturer.  The vehicle to be the baseline for the build was to be a New Ford GT500.

Since 90% of the Projekt Cars fleet is customized in all aspects (exterior, performance, interior, suspension and ICE), we needed all the time possible to ensure a proper build for SEIBON Carbon.  Unfortunately, every available platform in the Nation was exaggeratedly overpriced.  Until, one was found in Farmington, New Mexico.  Body components were immediately stripped and sent to SEIBON Headquarters in California, while the engine bay was prepped for additional horsepower.

By the time the carbon fiber pieces arrived, the engine had been augmented with K&N – Cold air Intake, Ford Racing- 65mm throttle body, JBA – Long tube headers/ Offroad X-pipe, Magnaflow- Full exhaust, Steeda – 2.65” Blower Pulley, Steeda – Auxiliary, Stett Performance Engine Tuning and Hybrid Meth/ H20System,

The interior was left alone but the PUR  wheels shod in Yokohomo rubber gave the vehicle a much needed stance augmented by Granatelli and Whiteline Suspensioncomponents, and Standard Suspension coilovers.

The vehicle was completed in time for SEMA, and opened the eyes of muscle car owners of the possibility of new carbon fiber components for their vehicles.

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Powertrain/Drivetrain Modifications:
K&N – Cold air Intake
Ford Racing- 65mm throttle body
JBA – Long tube headers
JBA – Offroad X-pipe
Magnaflow- Full exhaust
Steeda – 2.65” Blower Pulley
Steeda – Auxiliary
Stett – Performance Tuning

Chassis Modifications:
Granatelli Motor Sports (GM)
GM-SF0507 – Sub-frame connectors, weld in
GM-STBR0507 – Rear shock tower brace
GM-SB0507 – Front and rear sway bars w/end link assembly
WhiteLine – Panhard Bar
WhiteLine – Rear Chassis Brace
WhiteLine – Lower Control Arms
WhiteLine – Relocation Brackets
Standard Suspension – Mustang GT500 Coilovers

Exterior Modifications:

Seibon Carbon – Carbon fiber hood
Seibon Carbon – Carbon fiber trunk
Seibon Carbon – Carbon fiber rear spoiler
Seibon Carbon – Carbon fiber front lip
PUR Wheels – 20” Performance Wheels
Yokohomo Tire – 20” tires

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