Projekt Cars Jeep Wrangler | SEMA 2013 | Mamba Wheels Booth

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Owner: Chris Arriola

Organization: Projekt Cars

Toward the end of 2012, I was at a local shop and noticed a Car Show poster boasting a $2000 prize giv-a-way. I was surprised to say the very least, and confused at the same time. Two stacks is nothing to blow off, but the show was less than two weeks away, and no one in the “tuner” community knew about it. I decided to call the University phone number listed on the poster to arrange a meeting, and see how I could help.

The meeting was set for the Next day, and is when I met Christopher Arriola. Unbeknownst to me, the person I was going to help bring more than 180 vehicles to his show (last minute), was the Automotive Director of Southwest University (SWU), and son of Mrs. Yolanda Arriola, owner of SWU. Mrs. Arriola and her development of SWU is a story is a success in itself!

Christopher was very receptive to my ideas following the show I helped with, so receptive that he allowed our organization to continue the Battle Tunerz series at the University for the last two years. The shows have been such a success, that he entrusted Projekt Cars to build his brand new Jeep for SEMA 2013. Due to the partnership Projekt Cars maintains with Konig Wheels, the marketing Director allowed us to have Chris’ Jeep debut their new product line, Mamba Offroad Wheels.

Mr. Arriola was very patient during the build, since it took over two months due to many of the aftermarket parts being the first to go on the new Jeep. All-in-all, I believe it was worth the wait, seeing his bone stock Jeep transform into a SEMA beast with over $30K in modifications, and on display in Las Vegas.

After a very noticeable debute at SEMA, images of Mr Arriola’s Jeep was seen all over the internet. It was an “off-road” sensation!  The Jeep was immediately taken back to the desert for a full photoshoot.  The images of the Jeep were used for a full-page ad for Mamba Wheels, and it also appeared in the cover of AFX Magazine.  Mr. Arriola is still amazed at the attention the Jeep receives and is now planning to upgrade to a Ripp Supercharger before the 2015 Show Season


K&N – Intake FilterRugged Ridge – SnorkelRugged Ridge – Performance Exhaust

Amigo Signs- Vinyl Logos

Bushwhacker – Flat Fender Flares

Grillcraft- Grill

Rugged Ridge – Side Bars

Rugged Ridge – Front Tube Doors

Rugged Ridge – Rear Tube Doors

Rugged Ridge – Performance Vented Hood

Rugged Ridge – Sherpa Roof Rack 4-Door

Rugged Ridge – Drop Down Light Bracket

Rugged Ridge – Aluminum Hood Catch, Black

Rugged Ridge – High Mount Snorkel 3.6L

Rugged Ridge – All Terrain Front Bumper

Rugged Ridge – All Terrain Stubby Ends

Rugged Ridge – All Terrain Double X-Striker

Rugged Ridge – XHD Tire Carrier

Rugged Ridge – XHD Rear Bumper

Rugged Ridge – Exhaust Spacer Kit

Rugged Ridge – Mirrors

Ligit Accessories – 20″ E-Series LED Light Bar

Ligit Accessories – 30″ E-Series LED Light Bar

Ligit Accessories – 50″ E-Series LED Light Bar

Surco -Safari Roof Rack



Custom – Light bar panel

Wetokole – Seat Covers

Rugged Ridge – All Terrain Floor Liner

Rugged Ridge – Neoprene Grab Handles

Rugged Ridge – Interior Trim Kit, Brushed




Mamba Wheels – 18 “ M14 wheels

Toyo Tires – 37” Tires

MGP- Brake Caliper Covers

R1 Concepts- Performance Rotors

R1 Concepts- Ceramic Brake Pads




Rugged Ridge – Adjustable Track Bar

Rugged Ridge – Steering Component Skid Plates

Rugged Ridge – Evap Skid Plate

Rugged Ridge – HD Transfer Skid Plate

Rugged Ridge – Engine & Trans Skid Plate

Rugged Ridge – Muffler Skid Plate

Rugged Ridge – Front Lower Control Arm Skid Plate Kit

Rugged Ridge – Rear Lower Control Arm Skid Plate Kit

Rugged Ridge – Performance Winch

Rugged Ridge – R&P Set 4.56 Front D44

Rugged Ridge – R&P Set 4.56 Rear D44

Rugged Ridge – 4-Inch Lift Kit With Shocks

Rugged Ridge – Frame Brace Kit



Vibe Audio- Two 12” Subwoofers

Vibe Audio- 6” Components

Vibe Audio- Monoblock Amp

Vibe Audio- 4-Channel Amp

Vibe Audio- Capacitor

Vibe Audio- Fuses

Vibe Audio- Wiring

 DSCF4969 copy DSCF4978 copy DSCF5169 copy DSCF5188 copy DSCF5210 copy DSCF5212 copy DSCF5225 copy DSCF5253 copy DSCF5265 copy DSCF5284 copy

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