Projekt Cars Veloster | SEMA 2014 | Konig Wheels


Owner: Frankie Villalobos

Organization: Projekt Cars

Frankie Villalobos first started with Projekt Cars in 2013.  We were able to do a full make-over on his Nissan 350z.  It was outfitted with a new body kit, Mach Wheels, R1 Concept brakes, and a few performance mods, to add to those Frankie had already installed.  We were quite impressed with Frankie’s enthusiasm, who was always eager to learn new automotive skills.

In 2014, Mr Villalobos decided to buy the new Hyundai Veloster turbo, and set his sights on SEMA.  With a few calls to sponsors Projekt Cars has worked with for over a decade, the Veloster began looking like a SEMA potential.  Extreme Dimensions provided an aggressve body kit that was very recognizable over the stock black paint. Konig provided the SEMA spot, and a set of 18″ wheels, that housed the R1 Concepts rotors and pads.  Magnaflow, K&N, and DeatschWerks supplied the “GoFast” performance enhancements, while Vibe Audio (from the UK) supplied the tunes.

The final product was received well in Las Vegas, as it was displayed in the front entrance at SEMA 2014.  Frankie did a great job representing his sponsors and the Projekt Cars organization.  We now await for him to come back from Naval training to see what he has in store for his modified Veloster


Extreme Dimensions- Front Bumper
Extreme Dimensions- Rear Bumper
Extreme Dimensions- Side Skirts
Amigo Signs- Livery and logos

Katzkin- Leather Seats (Front and Rear) with blue stitching

Magnaflow- Performance Exhaust system
K&N – Intake System
DeatschWerks- Injectors
Stett Performance- Tune


Konig Wheels- 18″ wheels
R1 Concepts- Performance Rotors
R1 Concepts- Performance Brake Pads
Toyo Tires- Proxes
Eibach – Springs
MGP- Brake Caliper Covers
Whiteline- Front Sway Bar
Whiteline- Rear Sway Bar

Vibe- 12″ subwoofers in Vibe enclosure
Vibe- Space 6 components
Vibe- Space 5 components
Vibe- Two 1 Farad capacitors
Optima- Battery

Information on Projekt Cars: Projekt Cars started in the early 90’s as a means to acquire aftermarket parts for soldiers stationed overseas. Always evolving, Projekt Cars now devotes its attention to modifying vehicles and promoting sponsored brands with SEMA platforms through their yearly 35+ city Show Tour.

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