READY, SET, CAR SHOW |Fort Bliss | 30 April


I never claimed to be the best car show organizer, but, for the First time, I can state that the READY, SET, CAR SHOW at Fort Bliss, this past Saturday (30 April), was truly fitting of the word EPIC. We provided something that has never been done on Fort Bliss, or any military installation, and the troops loved every minute of it!

There were vehicles of all makes and years competing for the trophies designed by Projekt Cars, and provided by AAFES. It was great to see Mike’s 1965 Mustang lined up in back of David’s carbon fiber laden BMW 335. Or Alma’s lifted, wide-body F-150 towering over Mike’s highly modified Honda Civic. There was DUB trucks, race Hondas, RatRods, colorful Imports, and of course, a stable of Mustangs.

The vendors were on point as well. Everything from Comic artists to Wheel Specialists to Fitness Supplements, were at the venue, with a fleet of food vendors to quench hunger and thirst. But, no one can deny that the Drift Demonstration stole the Show! Ernie Sigala of HCM Carbon and Sigala Design, amazed the crowd with his finely honed drifting abilities. Rides were given to many children in the Red and Kameleon Supercharged Mustangs, while PVT Ruiz enjoyed some tire shredding as he held Old Glory, riding in a Stampede Red GT. The white Supercharged Mustang didn’t heat up as much due to the Whipple Superchargers upgraded twin fans, and was the main pony for a majority of the demonstration. Needless to say, the tires were “wasted”, one even popped!

Some asked if I was upset from the destruction of the tires, but I explained that even though each tire costs over $350 each, nothing can compare to the smiles in the crowds, or the memories the children will have for years to come.

AAFES wants us to do it again, in October. The parking lot holds over 750 vehicle space. Hope some of you will take advantage of this opportunity to reach the military community! ….oh, and we will be drifting around Tanks this time!

Following on of the success of Ready, Set, Go! Car Show (RSG) on Fort Bliss Texas, Projekt Cars has already been asked to coordinate another similar event for later this year on 22 Oct, Halloween Havoc. The location will be between Freedom Crossing (Fort Bliss’ Mega Mall Complex) and the Main housing area on the military Installation. We will have a larger area for both the car show, burn-out, and drifting portion. Over 12,000 people were tracked at RSG, and we anticipate a larger crowd due to the past success and new location.

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