REVIEW: Belltech Lowering System for the 2015 F-150


The first time we partnered with Belltech was with a Magnum build for Konig Wheels USA in 2004.  This year, we renewed our business relationship, thanks to SCT Performance, with a new F-150 build to be displayed in Verde Wheels booth at SEMA 2015.


The stakeholders at Verde Wheels were looking for a clean, lowered new F-150 to present to the automotive community on their 24” Phalanax wheels.  Once we received the letter of confirmation, we called Belltech to ensure the truck had lower stance, but did not sacrifice the overall ride quality.  Upon receiving the Belltech thumbs up, the Projekt Cars team was surprised to find out that we would be the first to install the new lowering system on the new F-150 platform | Complete kit provides lowering of 3/5.5 with Street Performance shocks. .

Once installed, and fitted with the massive 24” Verde Wheels Phalanx on Toyo Tires, the truck gave a new meaning to the word “Aggressive”.  The lowered look was perfect, combined with subtle aesthetics from Air Design, TRex and performance from SCT, Loudmouth Exhaust and K&N.


Those who have driven on lowered vehicles, especially trucks, automatically believe that the ride performance and quality is sacrificed for the overall look. Not the case with the Belltech system for the F-150.  We drove the vehicle for over 4000 miles, and were pleasantly surprised how well the truck responded to turns and increased speeds.  In addition, the truck towed another SEMA vehicle for 800 miles, with equal satisfaction.  Nothing was sacrificed with the Belltech system, and Projekt Cars fully recommends the product for those who seek a lowered stance on a truck.  Thank You Belltech, for the opportunity to debut and test the lowering system for the new F-150 platform.12291882_809071995882424_5151666069696824343_o12240838_809071625882461_4864374254628574118_o 12248146_809072042549086_3732490909479125273_o 12291980_809071679215789_3489827435582673473_o

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