SEMA 2015 Overbooked?

Denied 1 copy

Did SEMA Overbook, or did companies register too many vehicles this year?

So, the rumor is SEMA overbooked their Feature Vehicle spots, and going to refund the $400….but, what are SEMA going to do about all the products people received through sponsorships, and all the signed contracts?

Some say 200, other 300 are the number of feature vehicles receiving a Denial letter today.  I truly feel sorry for those receiving the Denial Email, and hope their sponsors can work out another way for the vehicle to provide the sponsoring company adequate ROI.

We created a fan page to find solutions, not to Bash SEMA, others have taken a different route. We created a page dedicating to finding an agreeable solution for those builders who will not be allowed to attend SEMA 2015, yet still have the responsibility of providing ROI for the products that were sponsored to them

FB Page: Denied SEMA Feature Vehicle |

Copied from a current SEMA Denial email

Due to the popularity of the program and space limitations, we have reached capacity and have been forced to limit the number of vehicles per exhibiting company.

Regrettably, we are unable to accept this vehicle for placement at this year’s Show. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have already submitted payment for the vehicle detailed above, you will be refunded the full amount paid to the original method of payment. Please allow 7-10 business days for your refund to be processed.
There may be limited spaces available as the Show draws closer. If you would like to have the above vehicle considered for our Waiting List, please

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