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To many, SEMA is an overabundance of over the top vehicle builds. Highlighted by celebrity appearances, aggressive ride-alongs, and excessive booth eye candy.  It show cases what the industry plans to sell to the automotive consumer in the year following; by presenting the new products in displays and on the said “over the top vehicle builds”.  Regardless of the critics, SEMA is what we live for!


This expo is the epitome of what we believe brings the most ROI (Return On Investment) for the manufactures which support Projekt Cars.  And, to be selected as a builder for these booths is an enormous honor.  Why?, because the vehicle which is debuted in the booth, will represent the marketing message the displaying company wishes to impart to the end consumer.


This year, 2016, provided for many firsts for Projekt Cars, and renewed long relationships with a myriad of well-known companies.  This was the first year we presented a Ferrari to a booth.  Fondmetal USA allowed us to display a new F-12 to showcase their XXX wheel.  This was also the first year we displayed in several booths, such as Race Ramps; with a supercharged, carbon fiber laden, new Mustang.  Although we had provided an F-150 the year prior, this year we provided four new Aluminum frame F-150s for Mamba Offroad Wheels, RBP, Verde Wheels and Truxmart.  In addition, we partnered with SV Designs on several truck builds, and from the results, we cannot wait to do it again.


We truly appreciate all the support our sponsors provide us through the year, and made sure we demonstrated to a few our appreciation, by presenting them with a three-layer Projekt Cars stand.  We are highly appreciative of Doug Rust from SCT/BullyDog, for not only product support, two booth builds, a feature vehicle build, an invitation to the Awards Banquet, but most importantly, the personalized care on handling our sponsorships.  We are excited to see this business relationship develop.


SEMA is the beginning of our show year, so the vehicles who were present this year won’t be stored away, you will be seeing them at different venues throughout the Southwest.

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