Todd Mcfarlane: Class Act

Photo Credit To Jeremy Wright

After building SEMA vehicles for over a decade and a half, you tend to run into a litme of various celebrities. Every kind, from F1 drivers to A-List Movie actors, and even comic icons.  A majority of them are what we consider “divas”, and forget it is the fans who make/break them.


As we were building the Spawn S550 Mustang and Violator Hunter Jeep, we didn’t think we would interact with the #toddfather himself….but, we did, and Boy were we in for a treat!

Since we have had our share of celebrity interactions over the past 17 years of building SEMA vehicles, we were not expecting much.  Fortunately for Projekt Cars, we discovered Mr McFarlane is an all-around class act; whose attitude/personality should be a model for others in your position to follow.


He visited our booth during Day two of Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas, to sign some items.  As expected, he was immediately surrounded by fans wanting a picture.  Todd McFarlane treated each fan with respect, true admiration, and gave them the experience each wanted from him. He made funny faces, picked up kids, had extensive talks, posed, hugged Spawn (Mario Cisnero’s creation with Tom in the suit) and even sat in the the Mustang!


It was refreshing to witness a down to earth celebrity who truly adored the admiration brought forth from his fans.  Almost two hours later, he had to be pulled aside so the products could be signed….he even signed the hoods of the Jeep and Mustang!


In addition, when all other actors and artists had left the hall during clean up on Sunday evening, Mr McFarlane went out of his way (his booth was at beginning of Convention, we were at the end), to come back to our booth and thank us for bringing the vehicles. AMAZING


Todd McFarlane is like everyone’s favorite uncle, the Paul Walker of the Comic Community

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