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FLASKBACK (2001) | Arizona Showdown | Date | Febuary 16-17, 2001 Location | Phoenix, Arizona

Do you remember when Altezza lights were in, when people tried to use pvc piping to make intakes, and when Paul Walker was just a common name? FLASHBACK to 2001 at the Arizona Showdown two-day event held in Phoenix, Arizona.  This was the first show that Projekt Cars was actually prepared for, especially after learning what it took to stand out after the first Hot Import Nights of the year; held in Del Mar, CA.

We learned a little from teams like 935 Draggers and Art-In-Motion at HIN to develop a footprint at shows to standout from the masses. Mind you, even though there were not many competitors with BMW e46s during those days, we invested in some vehicle props, polos, lights, and a display tent; a first of many to be destroyed by the Phoenix winds.  During the two days of the event, a consistent crowd marveled at the upgrades of the BMW, but most were more focused on the strategically placed monitors (headrests, rear trunk, and center console). The judges were impressed as well, and presented the vehicle with Best Euro, and a $600 check.

During the show, it was evident this Import car craze was not going to be a fad. Teams from California and Texas came to show off their constructions and have a chance at the prize money. Female groups, such as Asian Scene (remember them?) paraded throughout the show, posing next to anyone’s vehicle who asked. We did mention Paul Walker earlier, because he was out at this event as well!!! Promoting, you guessed it “Fast & the Furious”. We were able to talk to him in his 10×10 tent, and to this day kick ourselves for not taking pictures.  Back then, he was a humble actor with the hopes of making a career in film making. Well, he was extremely successful, with the franchise now going on their sixth iteration.

Arizona Showdown was a Grand event, and we hope the state with the motto “God Enriches” will once again hold two day Import events in the future. Until then, we will venture to shows such as Import Face Off, HIN, and DUB.
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Information on Projekt Cars: Projekt Cars started in the early 90’s as a means to acquire aftermarket parts for soldiers stationed overseas. Always evolving, Projekt Cars now devotes its attention to modifying vehicles and promoting sponsored brands with SEMA platforms through their yearly tour across the Southwest.

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