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One thing we like to stress to potential sponsors is that the ROI our vehicle builds provide your company continues on after SEMA during our Projekt Cars tour (images included of our booth vehicles in full page ads).  SEMA for us, is the start of the show season, and our vehicles continue to be seen throughout the SouthWest, in booths that we activate, for a variety of companies.


Projekt Cars

We are a marketing company (established in 1994) which helps other companies provide exposure for their products. Our diversity in project vehicles range from Offroad to Exotic to Muscle platforms, and we promote them throughout the Southwest (from California to Georgia, up to Colorado). Our yearly show schedule compromises over 30 shows/ year, to include SEMA.  We have built over 200 booth vehicles for SEMA booths, and will like to work with you in the future.


Included, are links to videos from our YouTube account, to give you a better understanding of Projekt Cars, in addition to some show and product videos.

Quick whiteboard about Projekt Cars



Western Technical College Commercial |



See what the industry is saying about Projekt Cars, Compilation |



See what the industry is saying about Projekt Cars, 2014 |



See what the industry is saying about Projekt Cars, 2013 |



Some of our Builds



MSA Car Show |



Post-SEMA 2014 | Video



Post-SEMA 2013 | Video



Video of Vibe Sponsored Vehicle



Video at one of our Shows


Our website includes a blog of everything from builds, shows, testimonials, and some of our services.  It is very new, and would appreciate any constructive criticism.  Our Goal is to demonstrate our ability to provide the ROI our supporting companies, desire.

This is who we are



  • FB: Facebook.com/ProjektCars
  • Instagram: #projektcars
  • Twitter: #SEMABuilds or #projektcars
  • LinkedIn: Carlos Molina
  • YouTube: Projekt Cars

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